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“Middle English pupille minor ward, from Anglo-French, from Latin pupillus male ward (from diminutive of pupus boy) & pupilla female ward, from diminutive of pupa girl, doll First Known Use: 1536″ “Middle French pupille, from Latin pupilla, from diminutive of pupa doll; from the tiny image of oneself seen reflected in another’s eye First Known […]

[Pre- Face: Pre-Ferred Pro-Nouns And The In-Vocation Of The Muse

King Of, You must know that your cat laid Down across the chessboard today, And yawned stupidly in the alley Which always stretches across The squares and between the pawns In an unbegun game. Your Cat’s fur barely brushed the black Or the white of either Miniature army, and so unbegun, It stayed. King Of, You […]

I’ve got the juice

I will take my name and leave it in the sun. It will become dry and porous. I will bring my name in, I will soak it. I will pack it and pack it, more and more. Then I’ll squueeeeze it out, wring it out with gloved hands. And I’ll sell the juice, tiny bottle […]

living with him

face like cloth stretched around a stone shining pale pleading white all winter in my room with the sound, smoke, and sarcasm. skin, like, tunnels on its glow creeps through the room like winds, glowing. glows like cloth around a light. five months like skin crawling i stay in the room. the glow reminds me […]

On Driving Through Old Niskayuna

Slowly we roll where the things supposed to happen already did. Past the houses where these people, these people who built the town, had their children, their hobbies, lived humbly, died quietly. This late, this dark, no one walks the streets. So the skeletons waltz with an old man’s memory to share a private love […]