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Terrorism is Alright So Long As It’s All-White (And All-Right)

On November 27th, Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. carried out a shooting in and around a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Not only Republicans, but the FBI as well, declared the acts of a man who murdered three and injured another nine, who spoke supportively of the Army of God, not to be an […]

Terrorism: The Memetics of Guerilla Warfare

Since beginning this blog together, Stan and I have continued a running discussion on what distinguishes terrorism from other forms of military siege or action. To isolate a single specific cogent meaning that fits every popular usage would likely be impossible. Stan at one point suspected the major difference in usage stemmed from the weapon […]

The US In Syria and the Rationalization that Ate the Sober Web

There’s been much debate over how to understand a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document describing efforts by the US coalition and conditions on the ground in Syria. The document showed startling prescience about the emergence of ISIS in Syria out of AQI support and its intention to claim historic territory in Iraq. Indeed, the events […]