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A Quick Note on the Democratic Debates

While I am horrified by the current political situation, I am proud that my participation in Occupy Wall Street, alongside the participation of tens of thousands of other people across the country, has led the emergence of Democratic candidates at all levels of government willing to fight this.   The moments being singled out as […]

Times They Are A-Changin’…in Roselle

Originally posted on clarkegrizzer:
Growing up in a post-war cookie-cutter housing development so typical of 1970’s suburban New Jersey, I would often “garbage-pick” old bicycles, or parts thereof, and construct functioning machines that while not quite as aesthetic as my friends’ new Schwinn Stingrays or Orange Krates, nonetheless afforded me my single most important means…

FBI agent accidentally reveals own 8chan posts; attempts to redirect white supremacist rage against Russia

Originally posted on Current Events Inquiry:
The unsealing of an application for a search warrant by the federal government on 8chan’s servers has unintentionally revealed that a federal agent has been trolling the site and attempting to redirect the users’ conspiracy theories against the Russian government instead of the CIA or Mossad. The legal case…

A Bit Too Close to Home

Ever since the Sandy Hook Massacre I’ve followed mass shootings in the news with a mixture of three emotions: horror, disgust, and relief. The horror needs no explanation. The disgust I feel is about the Second Amendment and gun fetishists who always seem more concerned about “muh guns and muh freedom” than about the victims, […]

Mike Pompeo Threatens to Intervene in British Democracy to Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister

Originally posted on Counter Information:
By Alex Tiffin Global Research, June 10, 2019 Medium US Secretary for State Mike Pompeo has come under fire after a recording emerged of him saying he’d intervene to stop Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. In the recording first reported by the Washington Post, Pompeo suggests he won’t wait for Corbyn to be…

Japanese Incels

The man who went on a “mass stabbing” last week and killed two people — fortunately the Japanese are smart enough to have gun control — is also a “hikikomori,” an adult so unable to cope with society that he’s remained dependent on his parents well into his 20s and 30s, and even his 40s […]

Congressman Thomas Malinowski in Cranford, New Jersey

Click that little icon up on the left hand corner for the entire playlist. I had to break these videos up into five parts to stay under YouTube’s 15 minute limit. Thomas Malinowski and the Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey represent many of the contradictions of the Democratic Party and American liberalism. The Seventh […]

Tulsi Gabbard Outs Herself as a Neoconservative

John Walker Lindh is not exactly a hero of mine, but he’s no threat. He’s done his time. He should go free, and not have to put up with anything so totalitarian as “round the clock surveillance.” Jesus Tulsi, 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual. Gabbard seems to believe in either life in […]