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Reading the Landscape: 56

Technically not fat. Skinny forearms.

Reading the Landscape: 55

Technically not fat.

Cycling New England: 24

Sitting at home looking at photos I took when I was hopelessly lost, 30 miles off course, with hours and hours ahead of physical exertion ahead of me before I reached my hotel room is a bit strange. All the fear and exhaustion are gone. The only thing that’s left is disappointment that I didn’t […]

The Giant Contend 1: The Preliminary Review

The Basics The Giant Contend 1 is cheap ($810 dollars) aluminum road bike sold by the Taiwanese bicycle company Giant. Giant, which runs a massive complex in Taichung, not only makes its own line of bikes. It also makes frames for more prestigious brands like Trek and Specialized. If you’ve purchased a bike that’s not […]

Cycling New England: 23

Not wanting to push through rush hour traffic in the NYC area, I decide to jump on the Metro North. It turned out to be a wise decision. Dodging 18-wheelers and SUVs through industrial New Haven for the last 9 miles from my hotel to Union Station took all the reserves I had left. I […]

Cycling New England: 22

I cross the Rhode Island border into Connecticut, push onto New Haven, and check into my room in a Motel 6 on Route 1. I am back in the NYC Metro area. My bottom bracket is creaking and clicking. The bearings in my hubs need to be repacked. I have pushed my $810 dollar aluminum […]

Cycling New England: 21

Affluent, Brookline, Massachussets is Hillary country.

Cycling New England: 20

I found Warren and West Brookfield, Massachussets dreary, depressing places, but they did produce Lucy Stone, a well-known feminist and one of the first female college graduates in America.  

Cycling New England: 19

The co-proprietor of Writers Without Money (who generously put me up at his apartment in Boston) and his girlfriend. She’s an excellent photographer and you should follow her blog.  

Cycling New England: 18

There are times when I think Google Maps is just trolling me. Why else would the gods of Mountain View, California decide that my route from the Roslindale section of Boston to my hotel in West Greenwich, Rhode Island would take me on a circuitous route through the most decayed, industrial section of Providence, Rhode […]