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Social Media Shaming Versus Guns

Yesterday two wealthy middle-aged lawyers in Saint Louis were so terrified of a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who marched into their gated community that they stood on their front lawn in front of their gaudy mansion brandishing their guns. Once you trespass on my property and threaten to kill my family. You forfeit […]

Arrest Trump

The Iranian government has issued an arrest warrant for Donald Trump. Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad. The American corporate media is going to […]

Tik Tok Teens Have Managers?

In addition to being unbelievably sad, there’s something quite revealing about the story of Siya Kakkar, a 16-year-old New Delhi girl who had over a million followers on the Chinese streaming media service. She not only committed suicide. She had a manager. In the social media post, Viral wrote: “Arjun Sarin who just spoke to […]

Every once in awhile I realize just how much we deserved 9/11

So we now have a genuine American war criminal as a spokesman for public safety, offering himself up as the symbol of a “real man” to assure our brainwashed, fundamentalist Christian, inbred redneck masses that wearing a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t make you a candidate for gay conversion therapy or a minion of […]

The United States is not a democracy

Yesterday, in Kentucky, there was massive voter suppression. It got so bad that people were banging on the windows to protest their inability to vote. Whether it was the Democratic Governor’s Covid regulations or the Republicans preparing for November doesn’t matter. If this were a scene from Iran or Venezuela, every newspaper in America would […]

A Surprisingly Honest Headline

Poland is one of the four dumbest countries on the planet. The United States is another. Here are the other two (shithole countries). Poland loves the U.S. president. Unlike their neighbors Germany, where a Pew poll showed only 13 percent of citizens have confidence in the U.S. president “to do the right thing in global […]

RIP Sarah Hegazi

A gay Egyptian communist who was arrested and tortured in prison for waiving a rainbow flag at a concert. She committed suicide in Canada at the age of 30. This is what happens in a conservative country when you step out of line. Personally I can’t imagine what it’s like. Spending 3 days in NYC’s […]

Thank the Papist God I’m an American

If my great grandfather x 2 hadn’t left Poland to escape Bismark’s persecution of Catholics I might be living in this backward, shithole of a country today. Gay rights is emerging as a key campaign theme in the presidential election as the race grows close between Duda, backed by the nationalist conservative ruling party, and […]

Respectable Racism Jersey Style

I grew up in Union County, New Jersey, about 20 miles west of Manhattan. These days it’s one of the more liberal, one might even say, “tolerant” places in the United States, but it also has a  racist past not too deeply buried beneath the surface. Let us consider the town of Clark, one of […]

Why do American liberals hate East Europeans?

Yesterday, a liberal New York Times editorial by a writer named Jennifer Senior created something of an outrage when she argued that among Donald Trump’s many faults is the fact that he has two wives of Eastern European descent, one Czech, the other Slovenian. Many people pointed out that Nosferatu, the classic 1920s vampire film […]