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Raymond Bonner is Decisively Vindicated

Back in the 1980s, when Elizabeth Warren was still a Republican and Reagan Administration officials were making AIDS jokes at press conferences, the United States government was fighting a dirty war against leftists in Central America. While the history of CIA death squads in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador still profoundly affects American politics — […]

Getting Mad and Giving Money on the Internet

While it is still too early to determine whether or not Elizabeth Warren’s well-organized campaign to paint Bernie Sanders as a sexist has diminished his chances of winning the Democratic nomination for President, we can already be certain of one thing. It has significantly enhanced his brand. After watching their candidate repeatedly attacked at by […]

Dead Man Riding

In one of my favorite movies, El Cid by Anthony Mann, Charlton Heston plays Don Rodrigo DĂ­az de Vivar, better known to history as El Cid. Cid is not only the perfect embodiment of Christian Chivalry, he’s the ideal leader of what could have been a multicultural Spain where Muslims and Catholics lived together in […]

CNN from 1988 to 2020

In 1988, CNN was essentially campaigning for George H.W. Bush against Michael Dukakis. Dukakis was a mediocre, neoliberal centrist who believed the election was about “competence not ideology” and who used to talk about something called “the Massachusetts Miracle,” about turning Boston into Silicon Valley. But on the issue of the death penalty he was not […]

The Democratic Party Starts to Come Apart

Unlike the Republican Party, which is a rock solid alliance between big business and cultural conservatives, there is a deep contradiction at the heart of the Democratic Party. On one side, you have affluent, mostly older liberals, feminists, parts of Wall Street and the military industrial complex, the corporate media, the permanent bureaucracy in Washington, […]

War is Terrorism Terrorism is War

Even though I was only a few blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11, I learned about the attack the way almost everybody else in the United States did, through the media. Mainly I was worried about food. Let me explain. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I worked for a long […]

Why Don’t You Enlist?

A commonly repeated feminist principle is that “we shouldn’t teach women to defend themselves against rape. We should teach men not to rape.” While I do think that it is important to educate men, and women, about sexual harassment, I also think that most men in the United States know that rape is wrong. Let’s […]

A Tale of Two Assassinations

For Zionists and neoconservatives, it’s been a miraculous few weeks. No sooner did the corporate media assassinate the political career of Jeremy Corbyn, probably the only chance in my lifetime that we’ll ever see an anti-imperialist head of state in a major western power, then Donald Trump literally assassinates Qassem Soleimani, the most formidable opponent […]

Pete Buttigieg is the Son My Mother Always Wanted

My mother, God rest her soul, always had a thing for gay men. In the 1980s, when gay culture was simultaneously everywhere and yet still that obvious thing in the room that could not be named, her gaydar was almost infallible. If there was a closeted gay celebrity, she almost immediately became a fan. Not […]

The Ethnic and Religious Chauvinism of Bret Stephens

Yesterday, Bret Stephens, a right-wing Zionist at the New York Times, wrote an editorial arguing that Jews are not only smarter than gentiles. They’re more creative. Predictably, the social justice left on Twitter is having a meltdown. Heidi N. Moore, for example, is so angry that she suggests that we not link Stephens’s article because […]