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Andrew Cuomo: The Donald Rumsfeld of his Generation

One of the biggest mistakes the left made during the George W. Bush era was to cede the debate on 9/11 to the far right. Not only did respectable far left intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn dismiss the 9/11 Truth movement out of hand, we failed to understand that 9/11 was the central […]

I Have No Clue What to Think About Coronavirus So I’m just going to Listen to a Greek

Hey they invented Western Civilization after all.

Americans Don’t Care if Biden is Senile

After all, we voted for this guy twice. We voted for a brain addled coke head then put him back in office after the largest terrorist attack in American history. We also put Reagan in office twice but most of you are too young to remember just how senile he was. The real question is […]

The Upper Middle Class versus the Working Class in the Democratic Party

When Bernie Sanders talks about the “one percent” he’s echoing an idea that came out of Occupy Wall Street, the idea that the central political and economic conflict in the United States pits the vast majority of the American people against a tiny elite of billionaires. In reality, it’s a lot more complex. Indeed, the […]

Why Were Most of Joe Biden’s Victories in States With Widespread Voter Suppression Problems

Biden won 10 states on Tuesday: Alabama¬† * Arkansas¬† * Maine Massachussetts Minnesota North Carolina * Oklahoma * Tennesse * Texas * Virginia * A simple google search for “voter suppression” in many of these states turns up a lot of results. Given that Biden attracts a more conservative voter base than Sanders and voter […]

Biden’s Magical “Electability” is Magical Thinking

Why don’t the kids like Biden? Here’s why: Imagine you were on a boat that was rapidly capsizing. Now imagine the captain of the boat said the only reasonable course of action was to find out what the rapidly rising sea water wanted and compromise between the needs of it and the drowning crew. And […]

Who are the Democratic Party superdelegates from New Jersey?

We might as well list them here. 1.) Cory Booker: US Senator. Boyfriend of Rosario Dawson 2.) Bob Menendez: US Senator. Right wing Cuban American neoconservative freak from Union City. Wants to starve Iranians. 3.) Phil Murphy: Governor of New Jersey. Liberal. Former Goldman Sachs exec. Very very tall. 4.) Donald Norcross: Congressman. Member of […] gets rid of comments (finally)

As a fifth-generation New Jerseyan, I have always been aware of the bad reputation of my state. Pollution, corrupt, mob-dominated politics, the Rutgers football team, New Jersey doesn’t exactly have a good reputation in the rest of the country. In the 1990s, when I lived off and on in Seattle and Southeast Alaska, the biggest […]

Literacy is Communism (Literally)

While it would be temping for me to make a Polish joke about Mr. Kozlowski, and would be covered under the “you can make ethnic slurs about your own ethnic group exemption,” Polish jokes have their origins in Nazi propaganda and should never be used for any reason. Besides, Mr. Kozlowski, who’s a professor of […]

On Bernie Bros

Have you ever had the following experience? You’re having a conversation online. You’re conducting a debate in what you believe to be good faith. You might even think to yourself “well I disagree with this person but at least we’re talking about the issues in an intelligent manner.” The moment you start to feel comfortable […]