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Images of my suburban dreamworld: 10

This is my 2013 Jamis Commuter 1 propped up on its seat and handlebars for its monthly chain cleaning. Don’t ask my why I love this bike so much. It’s cheap, heavy, slow, and has required a lot of maintenance over the past few years. Nevertheless it gets me 7 miles to work in the […]

Going Carless

Back in 2008, right after the beginning of the “great recession” I moved back into the basement of my childhood home. It was only supposed to be for a few months until I found another apartment in the city, but we all know how that goes. Getting a lease in Michael Bloomberg’s hyper-gentrified New York […]

Reading the Landscape: 57

Since my bike doesn’t have a horn and I can’t honk, I guess I’ll have to vote for Jill Stein.

Cycling New England: 24

Sitting at home looking at photos I took when I was hopelessly lost, 30 miles off course, with hours and hours ahead of physical exertion ahead of me before I reached my hotel room is a bit strange. All the fear and exhaustion are gone. The only thing that’s left is disappointment that I didn’t […]

The Giant Contend 1: The Preliminary Review

The Basics The Giant Contend 1 is cheap ($810 dollars) aluminum road bike sold by the Taiwanese bicycle company Giant. Giant, which runs a massive complex in Taichung, not only makes its own line of bikes. It also makes frames for more prestigious brands like Trek and Specialized. If you’ve purchased a bike that’s not […]

Cycling New England: 23

Not wanting to push through rush hour traffic in the NYC area, I decide to jump on the Metro North. It turned out to be a wise decision. Dodging 18-wheelers and SUVs through industrial New Haven for the last 9 miles from my hotel to Union Station took all the reserves I had left. I […]

Cycling New England: 22

I cross the Rhode Island border into Connecticut, push onto New Haven, and check into my room in a Motel 6 on Route 1. I am back in the NYC Metro area. My bottom bracket is creaking and clicking. The bearings in my hubs need to be repacked. I have pushed my $810 dollar aluminum […]

Cycling New England: 21

Affluent, Brookline, Massachussets is Hillary country.

Cycling New England: 20

I found Warren and West Brookfield, Massachussets dreary, depressing places, but they did produce Lucy Stone, a well-known feminist and one of the first female college graduates in America.  

Cycling New England: 19

The co-proprietor of Writers Without Money (who generously put me up at his apartment in Boston) and his girlfriend. She’s an excellent photographer and you should follow her blog.