Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Counter-Revolution of 1776

Is the racist far-right the true heir to the ideals of the American Revolution? The founding father costumes, the Gadsden flags, the rhetoric about “liberty,” the idea that the President of the United States is a secret Muslim who was born in Kenya, liberals often dismiss the Tea Party as “AstroTurf”, as well-funded corporate propaganda […]

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

As the camera pans down a line of people on a sidewalk in Paris waiting to buy theater tickets, an attractive middle-aged woman approaches Edna Gruber, a Swiss college student played by Juliette Mayniel. The woman, whose name is Louise, has an extra ticket. There’s something a little shady about Louise, who’s played by real-life […]

Giant Escape City (2015): First Impressions

I’ve been through quite a few bikes over the past few years. I wore out the drive train on my Trek 7.2. I wrecked my Raleigh Clubman (and wound up spending 3 days in intensive care). I currently have an entry-level road bike, an aluminum Specialized Allez, and a cheap city bike, a Jamis Commuter […]

Man of Marble (1976)

Andrzej Wajda has always been a difficult filmmaker to pin down ideologically. Almost 90, he made his first film, A Generation, under Poland’s Stalinist government in the early 1950s. His greatest work, Ashes and Diamonds, was released in 1958, two years after the death of pro-Moscow hardliner Bolesław Bierut. He continued to make films in […]

Chris Hedges on Prostitution

The issue of prostitution is a deeply divisive one. It’s not surprising, therefore, that Chris Hedges’ latest essay, the Whoredom of the Left, has ruffled feathers, especially on the left, who he accuses of indifference towards the suffering of trafficked women. Having lost friends on social media for arguing in favor of legalized prostitution, I’ve […]