Monthly Archives: December 2019

Mike Luckovich, Russiagate, and Liberal Xenophobia

When I saw this cartoon by Mike Luckovich I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of a name “Luckovich” is. It sounds vaguely Eastern European, and yet here he is not only accusing Russians of colluding with Nazis but also of being Slavic subhumans. Note the tiny skull. Phrenology lives. I couldn’t help but think […]

Billie Eilish and Van Halen

When noticed earlier today that Van Halen was trending on social media, I first assumed that David Lee Roth or Eddie Van Halen had died. But, as Billie Eilish would say “duh.” It’s click bait. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel set Eilish up with a nice viral marketing campaign. She doesn’t know who Van Halen […]

President Joe Biden

It’s that time again. Even though it feels as if the 2020 Presidential election has already been going on forever, we’re a few months away from the Democratic Party primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. Young, left-wing activists are solidly behind Bernie Sanders, who appears to have taken the lead in New Hampshire. Affluent, middle-aged […]

A Slave Patrol in Waiting

You hear it again and again. If you ask a “gun enthusiast” why he needs to own an AR-15 — and nobody’s hunts with an AR-15 — he will tell you that “the American people need to arm themselves against big government.” Yet within my conscious lifetime, there has never been an example of an […]