Updates from the road #9

This all looks very “Red State.”

Buying and Selling Books, Records and Sundries

We stayed in the Sunburst Campground near Waynesville two nights ago; it’s a small one. We were the only campers there and we wondered if we were even supposed to be there because the bathrooms and box to drop the campsite fee were locked. It turned out when a campground supervisor actually did show up in the morning we got half our fee refunded because of the bathroom problem. The tent worked out nicely.

In the morning we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway to get landscapes and clouds.

The overlooks on the Parkway are interesting; we got to them about thirty minutes before it rained (it’s still raining now) and you could see the massive monolithic clouds coming over each side of mountains to converge about where we were and flood us out. We packed everything in the car and headed back to Waynesville.

The owner of a Thai restaurant…

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