Reading the Landscape: 52


I won’t say “I hate to be that guy” because I love being “that guy.” Nobody who “served” in Iraq died for his (or her) country, let alone for anybody’s freedom. They died because the American ruling class wanted to destroy a large country in the Middle East (for reasons nobody’s quite entirely figured out but probably to remove it as a threat to Israel). So this memorial is basically a lie. Yet what to say to the families who have had young men in the prime of their life die for a rich man’s war? I’d have to be a sadist to say “oh well too bad you were dumb enough to believe what the President and the corporate media told you,” but I suppose that kind of sadism would also be telling them the truth.

2 thoughts on “Reading the Landscape: 52”

  1. ..a true but very much socially pariahic point……..most events in human history are blatantly obvious in their root cause …it takes a huge collective self- hypnosis to be blind to it…..nationalism, religion,etc….we react violently to the few ‘truthsayers’ like a non-blind blind beggar would to the one who begs him merely open his eyes….. we have each made a lifetime of philosophy by merely keeping our eyes shut…falsehood is the glue of civilizations ..thus we deem it better to crucify the few than condemn the many…..
    ….a blind man can only ‘see’ with violent hands…..

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