Reading the Landscape: 6



My mother, who was raised in the Presbyterian church, once told me that “Catholics are just like Protestants, except they worship idols.” It’s probably more accurate to say that in suburban America everybody is basically an idol worshiping Presbyterian, the idol being money. At what point do you become rich enough where you can leave the religious statues off the front lawn, and park two BMWs in the driveway?

6 thoughts on “Reading the Landscape: 6

  1. amettler

    Everyone has their own belief’s. I was born hindu. Idols were reflection of our souls and bodies. When we worship idols as positive images and perhaps a bit of ourselves. I find as we evolve and become more educated we stray away and find such idol worship cynical. I may not agree with it but I respect the belief of others because it is positive thinking. Thank God! Imagine the ISIS lot!


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