Coming this Fall?

Plainfield, NJ March 2020

I’d like to think the Bernie sign was put up by the family moving in and the Trump sign was put up by the family moving out. But who knows? It’s a pretty modest White House in any event.

2 thoughts on “Coming this Fall?”

  1. There’s a lot of recent rumpusing among leftist or progressive writers about whether and to what extent Trump was supported by sizeable constituencies of or about the working class. The prevailing view is that ‘tut-tut’ of course not.

    Rubbish. The reality since WWII is that much of the working class see the bourgeois liberals as the agency that most oppresses them. The party of the obviously corrupt , the meanest, most spiteful of all the forces that bear down on regular working people. The dislike is visceral.

    There are some idiot socialists who sing the song of ‘oh, let us make a popular front with our nearby oppressed liberals against the upper ruling classes’. Which translates as let us always keep you schlubs divided and down on the farm while we graze for table crumbs from those whose ranks we seek to join.

    So that’s what all this argument is about in the end. Popular Front versus Common Front. And history has already ruled on that one. So, instinctively workers most hate the liberal traitors and – in the absence of an alternative – vote for the party that sticks it to them the most.

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